Bankers and Basketball

I was sent this article on a basketball group I’m in which shows one JPMorgan VP taking rec bball too seriously (via Dealbreaker):

This guy obviously has a passion his team and basketball, and combining the two led to this amazing dissertation on the congruence of banking culture and coaching a basketball team. This VP’s attitude and knowledge about the game reflects the thoughts of many working professionals (such as myself) who constantly think about the game and how to make the teams one plays on better. I see a few parallels between this letter with a post I wrote early on called Post-Work Aggression.

One thing becomes instantly clear about this VP, is that he knows very little about basketball, and a lot about team motivation. If you read this letter under the lens of motivating a team, it’s actually pretty inspiring because it talks about exact plays and tactics the team will use to succeed in the next game. This is analogous to, I dunno, say a VP at JPMorgan talking about the investing and funding strategies his team will use to win over their clients. Unfortunately, those investment strategies are very different from basketball, unless things like “2-3 zone attack” and “shallow penetration” are like derivatives in the banking world. Perhaps I am too old school and haven’t kept up with the latest lingo for rec basketball defense and offense sets.

My hats go off to these guys who make basketball more serious than it needs to be, where the seriousness says more about team motivation than the game itself.


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