ACL Recovery Days 3 and 4


Day 3 the pain definitely has subsided, and the swelling has gone down as well. I still feel a lot of tightness near the patella, especially when I try to tighten my quad. Still was not able to do a straight leg lift. What I was able to do is bend my left leg, and sort of lift my right leg using my body which is not the same as a leg lift. Biggest hurdle was getting over the pain over the patella when I try to tighten and lift the entire leg.

Day 4 I told myself I had to get the leg lift done and spent most of the morning working on tightening the quad despite the patella pain (which has also gone down). It was a struggle, as I was only able to get my foot off the ground for a few centimeters. Over 30 minutes, I moved on up to one foot, to the point where I could actually do a normal leg lift without having to rest my leg on the floor due to fatigue and atrophy. Getting to do these leg lifts was a big step in the rehab for me since I know that my quad is now slightly working.


Total Time Day 3: 1.5 hours, started at 11:55AM

Did all the normal exercises and didn’t feel that different from Day 2 in terms of strength, but pain was not as strong. Still no flexion yet but will be working on that on Day 4 (today).

Total Time Day 4: 45 minutes, started at 10:15AM

Biggest accomplishment today was the straight leg lift as mentioned above. Now I have the confidence of lifting my leg when getting onto a chair, lifting the leg onto another chair, and just using my quad muscle more often than using my arms to lift the leg up and down from surfaces.

Videos of other exercises:


I haven’t taken any Oxycodone since Day 2, and stopped taking Melixocam Day 3. As per b-reddy’s manual, I’ve avoided taking the hard drugs as much as possible to prevent addiction in the worst case scenario, and just having a healthy stomach. I started taking supplements Day 3 and will continue with the rest of the rehab. This is what my Day 3 looked like:

9:30AM – Fish oil

10:00AM  – 2 Glucosamine/Chondritin/MSM

11:00AM – 1 Melixocam (no more starting Day 4)

11:50PM – 1 Ibuprofen (no more starting Day 4)

pain meds for ACL injury
Medley of pills and supplements. Hard shit on the right Oxycodone/Melixocam).

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