ACL Recovery Day 10

Summary Days 7-10

The swelling has slowly gone down and most pain is now associated with flexion and getting up in the morning and putting my leg on the ground. I feel a rush of blood going down my leg which burns for a minute or two, but after doing some plantar flexion/dorsiflexion that pain goes away. The biggest improvement I’ve seen so far is in my quad contraction:

Physical Therapy

I have started doing official PT with a physio at Academy Physical Therapy. The first session was just an evaluation, and today’s session definitely showed me how fast I should be progressing. The biggest hurdle for me is mental, and being able to confidently put weight on the injured leg. Today the physio had me walk for 150-200 feet in the hallways of the office. Physio told me to stop using the brace as and do a few tough exercises twice daily:

  • Quad Sets – as many as I can, going to shoot for 3X50
  • Wall Hang – This is for flexion, where I lay on my back and mark where my hips are and mark where my feet are on the wall. Slowly bring the legs down to see how far my feet can go on the wall. 5-10 minutes.
  • Bike – This is the hardest one so far, but trying to do a full revolution on the bike. For the bike at the PT office, I’m at the highest seat setting (27) and I still can’t make the full revolution. Aim for 15 revolutions.
  • Wall Squat – 2X15 don’t pass 90 degrees of flexion
  • Walking – Nuff said

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