ACL Recovery Day 21

Physical Therapy Session 3

The physio did a lot more “massaging” during this session, although she corrected me and said the proper term is ischemic compression. Once the blood rushes back into the knee, it feels so much more flexible and less swollen, and there’s less discomfort with walking. Really hoping I can figure out how to do this myself.

Got to 105 degrees of flexion, and learned a new exercise I can do while sitting at a desk. You take your healthy leg, and pull the injured leg back at the ankle to help with the flexion. It’s definitely not passive flexion though, so it hurts if you use too much force.


  • Elliptical – Alternating days between pure strength and conditioning. Able to do 20 minutes on the elliptical at a level 16/17 resistance.
  • Step Up – Found out at PT my form was not correct (hips were sometimes sagging on one side), so I reduced the height to step up to focus on the form. Will try both boxes tomorrow to raise the height to approximately 10 inches.
  • Bike – Since flexion is much better now, I’m able to do full revolutions at a level 7 seat height on the bike.
  • Wall Squat – Getting to about 50-60 degrees flexion on the bend down.
  • RDLs – Able to do this with 30 lbs (probably more) bar. Feels just like a deadlift, so not too hard right now.
  • Leg Press – First open chain exercises, did 3X12 on a weight of 5 for injured leg.

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