ACL Recovery Day 199

Passed the 6-month mark, and honestly the rehab and training now just feels like I’m, well working out. The exercises are more intense and high impact such as agility work, jumping, and deadlifts/squatting. Been seeing a new physio every week for about 8 weeks now, and I can honestly say the rehab process feels like I’m training for a sport. Which is exactly what I’m looking for (going back to basketball), but sometimes I miss the more laid back rehab from the early months when I couldn’t do a lot of dynamic exercises yet.

Throughout the week, as I’m going to the gym and doing my exercises, I sometimes lose focus of what I’m doing all this for. At this stage, I can go about what physical therapists called ADL (average daily living) activities. This means that the only real reason I’m still training hard at the gym is to go back to basketball and sports. Lately, I’ve been contemplating if I even want to go back to playing basketball and high impact sports. Ever since my surgery, I’ve had more time to watch documentaries, read, and pursue other hobbies. I didn’t realize how much time league games and pickup took from my life.

I may just be in a funk since I haven’t played in so long, and when I get back to playing my addiction to the game will come back and this whole train of thought is moot. Nonetheless, this is what I’ve been thinking about when I’m working the agility ladder on  Friday night.

Hoop Dreams

Literally, dreams about hooping. On two different occasions, I had these vivid dreams where I felt the longing to play basketball more so than when I’m conscious. Here’s a description of one of these dreams where I was half awake but felt the impact from the dream after I woke up.

It’s hella early in the morning, maybe 5-6AM. I was waking up to go to the gym and walked by an outdoor basketball court with flood lights keeping the court and backboards lit. I swear this was a dream, despite it sounding like real life.

The basketball court is on my way to the gym, and as I get closer I see that there’s a  5-on-5 game going on and the guys are going at it. I stop and watch and see players driving, pivoting, and getting fast break layups. My natural reaction in this situation is to walk up and see who’s standing on the sidelines and ask who’s got next. But before I can do this, I’m reminded about my injury and the rehab I need to do at the gym. I see the guys play and reminded about the times I was trying to really play ball and make a career out of it, and I see that dedication in each of these guys who are up and playing at 6 in the morning.

In addition to this dream, I’ve had another one where I am doing a fastbreak layup. That feeling of gliding through the air, getting past the defense, and laying the ball up is one of the more positive feelings I get when playing ball now that I think about it, which is why I probably dreamed about it in the first place. When I woke up from this dream, the reality about my injury came forward and I contemplated whether I would be able to do this action again. I quickly dismissed the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do this again, and just trusting in my physio and rehab will get me back on the court to hopefully 90% of what I used to be before.


I’ve still been posting most of my exercises on insta, but the exercises are, as I mentioned earlier, becoming more dynamic and sports-specific versus building function back in my knee and leg.



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