Guest Post From Dr. Curtis About Chronic Injuries

I posted on IG a picture of some dood touching my knee a few weeks ago:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.12.49 PM

I’ve been working with my mans Curtis to help with scar tissue removal from my knee capsule the last few weeks in addition to doing physical therapy. It’s painful, but I definitely get a ton of flexion back right after the session. The below post is a guest post written by Curtis. I don’t get any kickbacks or anything from this, just helping another brother out on the hustle. Read more:

The Secret Problem to Your Chronic, Nagging Injuries

If there was a really simple, easily solvable problem holding you back when it comes to your achey back and the tension in your neck, would you want to know what it is? What if this same problem was also the reason why you’ve plateaued on your fitness gains? And … the SAME issue was also the precursor to osteoarthritis, disc herniations, cartilage tears, and generalized stiffness associated with aging?

What would you do with that information?


Before I go there, let me introduce myself.


My name is Dr. Curtis McClelland and I’m the new biomechanical guy doing structured personal fitness.

I’m the licensed chiropractor who doesn’t adjust joints.

I have nothing against traditional chiropractic, it’s just not what I do. And if you love your chiropractor, keep going to him or her! What I do isn’t physical therapy either. But if that’s working for you, great! And no, I’m not a massage therapist either.

I remove the most common pathology in the musculoskeletal system. It’s also the least talked about and most easily get rid-of-able issue out there. This makes it a secret problem, because you’ve probably never heard of it before.

What is it?

Muscle Adhesion

It’s the glue that your body lays down when you overuse tissue without enough time to recover. Some call it “excess fascia.”

Are you tight and you never understood why? It’s probably adhesion. Are you weak and you can’t figure out why all of the lifting you’ve been doing isn’t paying off? It’s probably adhesion.


Adhesion literally glues down your muscles, preventing its ability to work.

The great thing about having adhesion is that it can be fixed. Most of our patients see objective changes in 4-5 visits, with significant resolution in 10-15 visits.

If you have pain and you don’t have adhesion, then you have structural problems that cannot be fixed. Even surgery can only minimize the magnitude of one of these problems and can’t completely get rid of it.

Curious yet?

I’d like to invite you to explore your body to see what path you’re setting yourself up on?

The one of living an able, functional, pain-free life into old age? Or the one with pain now that you just can’t figure out that’s only going to get worse in ten years, stopping you from doing the things you love?

  1. TAKE 20 MINUTES TO TEST YOURSELF: Go to the Testing section of the Barefoot Rehab website and test yourself.
  2. SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS + HOURS BY READING OUR FREE GIFT TO YOU: Take 15 minutes to read The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Pain Doctor.
  3. TALK WITH ME ABOUT YOUR PAIN: If you’ve only had your pain for a few days or weeks, the research says “80% of the time, it’ll get better no matter what you do”. Wait it out. If you’ve had your pain for more than a month and if you’ve seen multiple providers about your pain, I invite you to have a conversation with me about your pain. Call 929-251-3830 and I’ll discuss your issue with you, free of Charge.
  4. READY TO TAKE YOUR BODY SERIOUSLY? Because I’m starting off with structured personal fitnes, I’d like to offer to the first 10 people who contact me with a $45 exam (normally $145 – that’s $100 discount!) for you to learn just what’s been going on over the years with you. If you aren’t quite sure what we are talking about, we invite you to read the many testimonials we have from our New Jersey Practice

If you’re not sure about me, adhesion, or your injury, that’s OK. Please be gentle with yourself when it comes to doing your workouts though. The highest risk of permanent damage comes when you’ve been given the wrong diagnosis, the wrong advice, and you keep doing what you’re doing. Treat your body with the respect it deserves. This secret problem can wreak havoc, especially when you’ve never had it acknowledged before.

Feel free to come say hello to me on Tuesdays + Thursdays from 9-7 PM. Even if it’s just to say hi. Please email or call 929-251-3830.


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