Skill Tradeoff

I’ve been thinking about what parts of my game I want to develop this year, and it made me think about what one skill I could zero in on and develop fully and also what skill I would sacrifice to gain that skill. Whenever I’m on the court, and in the game, I catch myself focusing on plays where I could’ve done this or that better, if only I had X or Y skill. Granted I shouldn’t even be thinking about these things while in the game, but fuck it I’m human and I think about these things. Anywho, here is the one skill I want to gain this year and one I would sacrifice to gain that skill off the dome:

  • Skill to Gain: Jumping Higher – Seems so superficial, and I won’t lie, I’ve looked up articles online on increasing my vertical. I felt a little embarrassed looking up these special workouts to increase your vertical, it almost seemed like I was looking up how to increase other *ahem* appendages on the male body. So before I get way off topic, I mainly want to jump higher because I think I have a pretty solid frame, but I have a much smaller vertical leap than one would expect. Just being to go an extra few inches to grab those rebounds or get those blocks would improve my defense tremendously. On offense, of course, being able to dunk regularly and being able to intercept higher passes is not too shabby. Yeah, what can I say, it’s kind of lame but don’t we all wish we could jump higher?
  • Skill to Sacrifice: Post Moves – In high school I was one of the taller players on the team and I think I could slotted for the 4 or 5 spot a lot even though someone 6’4″ really isn’t a post player in most competitive high school/college teams.  Anyway, I thought being a big man was the best spot on the team and you were known as the most physical guy as well since you’re always battling down low. I developed baby hook shots, drop steps, quick curls to get around my defender when I’m posting up, all these moves that I still use today to a certain extent. Now that I’m playing in mostly rec leagues, I started handling the ball more and playing the forward and shooting guard positions. It’s a whole other game that I’m learning and I’m finally backing way from always going down in the post. Post moves in my opinion are so slow and don’t have the “smoothness” of being able to cross somebody and taking it to the rim. My post moves, among all other skills, would be the first things to go out the door if I had to choose one thing to lose.
This week is like championship weekend, with two leagues both in playoffs at either the semifinals or finals stages. The game today was hella physical and it actually feels like playoff basketball. Time to get some rest and take care of business tomorrow.